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Working Together

If I can help with any of your current projects, please get in touch on my Contact form!



I have extensive experience writing for the stage and for young audiences, including:

  •  adaptations and historical fiction (Sir Philip Pullman's The Ruby in the Smoke and Lauren Child's Ruby Redfort)

  • work accessible for all audiences (including Sleepless Theatre's Masha and the Firebird)

  • teaching practical skills through high adventure (Girl Guides vs Aliens)


If you'd like examples of my work or to discuss a project please get in touch, I'd love to work with you!

Sydney and Tilda afraid.jpg

Laura Wingrove and Laura Jeffries in Girl Scouts vs Aliens (2019), wondering if their alien trap is all that sturdy ...

Photo by Eleonora Briscoe

Line of Scouts.jpg

Proofreading & Beta Reading

I've copy-edited for St Hilda's College and the Natural History Museum of Utah among other clients. I also offer dramaturg or beta reading services, particularly for children's or young adult fiction.

Four girls, one alien spaceship, a lot of thinking to do ...

Photo by Eleonore Briscoe


I have extensive experience running workshops for KS2-KS5, including:


Outdoor Skills


Maths and Reasoning for 11+ Entrance Exams

My workshops are based around delivering useful information in an interactive and story-based style. My aim is to make the material easy to remember and use in practical settings (in a tent, mid-spy mission or in an exam or writing session)

Happy Madeleine Knitting.png

Multi-tasking during rehearsals at the Catalyst Artist's Residency in the North

Wall, Oxford (scarf was completed shortly after)

Photo by Rachel Movitz


Julie Workshop Mood.png

I'm passionate about supporting new writers and theatremakers, focusing on access to the creative industries and finding creators the community they need. 


If you've got any questions about writing, working in theatre, or an idea you'd like to run by a second brain, please get in touch here.

Sharing ideas at Catalyst with the wonderful Alice Vilanculo, Philippa Hogg, and Amelia Thornber

Photo by Rachel Movitz

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